Must Eat Local Dishes In Madurai And Where To Eat Them

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Must Eat Local Dishes In Madurai And Where To Eat Them

For decades, South Indian cuisine has thrilled the palates of numerous foodies worldwide. Tamil Nadu’s ever-popular idlis and dosas have repeatedly crossed boundaries and found their way into our stomachs and hearts. While each city has its own unique selection of meals, we have focused on the culinary capital of the state: Madurai.

Madurai’s food culture has been primarily shaped by various communities like the Madurai Saurashtrians (from Gujarat) and due to the brief phase when the city was ruled by the Madurai sultanate. Although new restrictions have stopped the practice of all-night food booths, there are still plenty of street food outlets and family-owned restaurants where you can get your fill of comfort food till midnight.

We go beyond the basics and provide you with a variety of mouth-watering delicacies that are genuine to South India’s culinary capital and that you just must taste.

Bun Parottas from Madurai Bun Parotta Kadai

Parottas are one of the most iconic street foods of Tamil Nadu. They have also made their way to the menus of many five-star restaurants across the country. A cross between a bun and parotta, the Madurai famous bun parotta is a must-try. While the history of this dish is unclear, it is agreed that it came into being somewhere in the 90s. The crispy and melt-in-your-mouth bun parotta is best eaten with any meat-based curry.