About Us


TFN (Travel & Food Network) is a B2B and B2C media and marketing solutions provider, with a strong background in content and marketing across the travel and hospitality industry.

Our focus is the evolved and affluent traveler from the fast-growing India market, and our goal is to provide this audience with a wide range of new and existing travel and food experiences, both in India and all over the world by partnering with stakeholders of the travel and hospitality industry.

We work with tourism boards, travel service providers, DMCs and unique experience providers to curate content that provides our audience with exciting new ideas for their next holiday. We also help our audience find the right service provider to enable them to enjoy the new destinations and experiences that we write about.

We have a very strong commitment to sustainable travel and we ensure that all our experiences are crafted in a way that provides maximum benefit to local communities.

We use a powerful combination of our media partnerships across TV, Digital, Print, and Out of Home and content expertise to drive high impact visibility for our clients, and we work with the travel and hospitality trade to bring the experiences to life.

Our vision for TFN is to create the preferred platform where travel and food lovers will come to learn about and actually experience unique travel and food experiences all in one place.

About the Founders

Sanjay Dhar

Sanjay Dhar

The prime moving force behind Travel and Food Network, Sanjay Dhar can be best described as a man who is always on the lookout for some new idea or venture that can combine entertainment with knowledge.

A long journey of 25 years followed – which helped him gain experience and cross-industry expertise in entrepreneurship, international business development, business strategy, management and partnership building in the fields of media, education, global events, entertainment (TV and Films), publishing and licensing. The highlight of his journey was the opportunity of working with top global brands like Turner International, CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network and National Geographic.

To put it in business terminology, Sanjay possesses multi-million-dollar program management and sales track record of securing new business and managing partnerships with global private, government and non-profit powerhouses in the Travel and Hospitality Sector, Consumer goods, Banks and Financial services, and other major industry sectors.

During these years, Sanjay had the opportunity to travel to many places in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia – and on each of his travels experiencing the local food and flavours was a must in his itinerary (travel and food are his top 2 passions, he calls himself a global foodie-citizen). With every journey, the strong connection between a country and its food was reinforced in his mind, and the desire to create a content platform that combined the best of food and travel took root and started to grow.
Sanjay has built a team of mentors and columnists that have spent their entire working lives in the world of food and travel, to bring you an experience that will transport you into a world of scenic beauty and gastronomic delights that will leave you asking for more.

Ritika Basu

Ritika Basu - Global Editor

A New Yorker at heart and an unapologetic anglophile, Ritika is a seasoned traveler with a deep-rooted love for exploring national parks. She also loves cruising to unusual destinations, and her love for English literature and movies is often reflected in her itineraries.

With a background in business, advertising, and journalism, Ritika has cross functional experience in the Media and Entertainment Industry, including revenue management, digital transformation, content management, video production, advertising and brand solutions across verticals – Digital, TV, Print, OOH, and Events. She was the former Business Head of National Geographic publishing and digital in India and has worked with over 50 brands like Samsung, Vivo, Lufthansa and Domestic & International Tourism Boards.

Ritika has spent years traversing diverse landscapes, immersing in cultures, and capturing the essence of each journey through the power of story-telling. As the Global Editor for Travel and Food Network, Ritika curates and crafts engaging travel content that not only showcases breathtaking destinations but also provides invaluable insights for fellow wanderers.

Whether it is embarking on thrilling adventures through the Grand Canyon, sipping Single Malt in the Scottish Highlands, finding solace in the Canadian Rockies or uncovering culinary experiences in her home town (Mumbai and Kolkata) and most frequented cities – London, New York and Dubai, Ritika weaves narratives that transport readers to these far-flung corners of the globe.