Pumpkin Pie | USA


Come the holiday season and pumpkin pies are a rage. While Pumpkin pie is a traditional Thanksgiving dessert in the United States of America and Canada as a symbol of Fall and the harvest, but it remains a favorite dessert in Christmas dinners and New Year parties. Although it is hardly ever served in other parts of the world, some of the earliest recipes for the pie come from France, where it was known as tourte pompion. By the time it got to America, the name had changed to pumpkin pudding, in a recipe by Amelia Simmons from 1796. Today, the traditional pumpkin pie consists of pumpkin-based custard that is baked in a pie shell. It is usually flavored with cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, while the top is decorated with whipped cream. Pumpkin pie remains a North American favorite, not only for Thanksgiving but also during festive times such as Halloween and Christmas.

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