5 Ways To Turn Leftover Food Into New Meals

5 Ways To Turn Leftover Food Into New Meals

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Some of us just can’t get the cooking quantity right. It almost always seems like we are cooking assuming someone else may join us any moment. The end result – leftovers! Today when we read about how food waste has ballooned into a social, economic and an environmental issue, we are reminded of our childhood, when our parents and grandparents would say ‘Don’t Waste, Create’. As we celebrate #EarthDay today, we thought of putting together 5 leftover meal ideas that can go a long way to reduce our own waste, saving money and energy, without sacrificing good eats.

Rice : One of the most common leftovers, can actually be turned into a standalone meal by throwing in some veggies, or sea food and turning tossing up Chinese Fried Rice, add some extra spice and you have Mexican Rice. If you have a sweet tooth, a comforting Rice Pudding, will never disappoint.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Chicken: From light weight salads to chicken sandwiches, from tacos to pies, and from stir fries to quesadillas, chicken is probably the most versatile foods to have as a leftover.

Chicken Sandwich

Cooked Vegetables: One can get really creative with leftover veggies. Toss them on the grill, wrap them in bacon and cheese, mash them to make a filling for healthy wraps and sandwiches, and use them as a stuffing for bell peppers, dolmades, add a bit of flour and turn them into veggie panakes.

Vegetable Wrap

Pasta: We feel you, if you often end up with too much pasta but not enough sauce. A hearty casserole will always come to rescue. Throw in some peanuts and veggies and make a pasta salad that could just be the perfect mid-week lunch or dinner.

Pasta Salad

Fruits and Cereals: What to do with that last little bit of cereal left in the bag that’s not enough for an entire bowl, but feels so wasteful to throw out, or that one banana that feels a little too ripe? Make dessert, of course. From Banana pancakes to pudding, and from banana bread to smoothie, from cereal popsicles to cereal bars, and from cannolis to cupcakes, you can let your imagination run wild with any of these leftovers.

Banana Pudding

Next time you’re facing down a fridge with nothing but a couple old leftover containers don’t fret that you have nothing to eat. If in doubt, look up a recipe and get cooking!

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