Crab Louie, A San Francisco Speciality


Seafood salads are a whole separate thing for those who know their salads. And a salad which heroes crabmeat is obviously at the very top in San Francisco.

This particular crab louie dish, which originated in San Francisco according to available information in the public domain, is also known as the King of salads. Created in the early 1900s by a French chef named Louis in a restaurant in San Francisco (called Old Poodle Dog – yes, we are serious), it is now regarded widely as a West coast special in the USA and is celebrated everywhere in its various avatars (Shrimp Louie anyone?)

The secret sauce in the original recipe was exactly that – the sauce (or dressing) used in the crab louie salad This one combined one-third part mayonnaise with two-thirds chili sauce, relish, Worcestershire sauce, tarragon shallots, and sweet parsley. Later on, ketchup replaced chili sauce, but today people still use a little bit of chili sauce and tabasco to give the sauce (or dressing) a little kick. The salad itself is composed of cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, hard-boiled eggs, and, of course, chunks of crab meat. I think it deserves to be called the King of salads, don’t you?

San Francisco Panorama from San Francisco Bay

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