Halaszle | Hungary


A bit of a tongue twister to pronounce, this one – we will call it by its more English name – Hungarian Paprika Fisherman’s stew (or soup). And suddenly your imagination brings up images of a delicious-looking red soup with chunks of fish in it. Your imagination would be absolutely right!
This is a hot and spicy soup made with generous amounts of paprika (sweet and hot varieties) and Hungarian pepper, which gives it its unique spicy zing. The preferred fish is carp, which is a river fish, and it also has loads of vegetables like onions, potatoes, crushed tomatoes and even some greens. Sounds like a complete meal in itself, doesn’t it? No wonder, it is the most preferred option for people who are sick or convalescing. It is a springtime favorite in Hungary but is consumed all year round. A delightful combination of nutrition and flavour, it is one of our top recommendations on your next visit to the beautiful Hungary.

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