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Trivikram Kamath


I am Trivikram Kamath – Vikram and Vicky to colleagues and friends.

I quit corporate life last year, at 55, after working for 3+ decades in Banking and Finance. I now keep myself busy with helping to run a school as an active Trustee.

I love music, sport and love to travel and experience diverse cultures and lifestyles. My TV watching centers around programs on Science, Human achievements, History, Geography, Travel, and Nature. And the food of course! Facilitated by my wife who is a great cook! Watching my father mix his Rum with Sweet Lime juice or make a Gin and Lime is probably what kicked off my interest in ‘cocktails’. More than the cocktails themselves, the exotic names – Bloody Mary, Blue Lagoon, Whisky Sour, Manhattan, etc., etc. fascinated me, which of course then led me to explore what actually went into making one of them! All this was during a time when the range and brands of Liquor were very limited in India. So innovation (jugaad?) was a key ingredient! for bartenders.

My first experiment with Bloody Mary was a disaster. I mixed Vodka with tomato puree, added salt and pepper, and wondered why people raved about it! But on a trip to Mexico in ‘93, I fell in love with Margarita! My wife ensured Margarita came in a glass and we were all happy! Back home with my newfound love, and because Tequila wasn’t available, I experimented with Bacardi. I spent many a “happy hour” refining the mix and am pleased to report, the end results were always very palatable! Over the years I tried different combinations and mixes and I now have a range of cocktails that I successfully mix every time I get a chance! I normally always order a cocktail when we are out for a meal, in a bar, and definitely when we travel. My first love, Margarita is a must; just to compare how much better mine is and how much cheaper too!!! 

Visiting different bars is quite exciting, as apart from the variety and range of alcohols, you get to enjoy and experience differently themed bars, fascinating interiors, music, and ambiances – all very intrinsic to the perfect bar experience!. One which stands out for me is a bar in Aberdeen, which used to be a Church; now called “Sin”. The stained glass of the church is still part of the décor. Another more memorable visit was to a bar in Barcelona known for a wide variety of “shots”, which is all I can remember!. Another cocktail I would highly recommend is a version of Old Fashioned infused with aromatic cigar smoke that is served at the Taj Lands End.

My bar at home is well stocked and ready to meet the demands of friends whenever they come home and even have a ‘mobile’ version for when we visit friends in their homes! My reputation precedes me and I have even been invited to mix my range of cocktails at picnics, anniversaries, Mehendi, and other parties. 

I don’t generally measure and pour but go on my estimate which I have perfected with experience and practice (lots of practice!) but it makes it difficult when friends ask me for recipes and their cocktails don’t taste as good as mine! My family is very selective in drinking the cocktails I mix because they don’t like it too sweet. So, I have to be careful when I mix one for them. 

I’m now branching out into wine, which I am really enjoying but more on that for another time. In the meantime, I hope I can enthuse you to try your hand at mixing cocktails.


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