Cinnamon Apple Pie | USA


While England may easily be called the Pie Capital of the world with a long history of making meat and fruit pies, America is not far behind, as there is nothing that is more synonymous with American desserts than apple pie. In the United States, apple pies are found everywhere from big grocery shops and restaurants to coffee shops and home bakers, baked until the double crust is golden brown, filled with cinnamon-sugar coated apples. This winter favorite for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between is a real stunner! Homemade American apple pie is a source of great pride, causing arguments about which apple variety is the most suitable for the best pies. Some swear by Granny Smiths, others prefer Golden Delicious, while the experts opt for the tart Cortland or the flavorful Northern Spy varieties. However, apple varieties are not the only concern. What about the crust? Should it be flaky and buttery or thin, crispy, and based on lard? For a sweet and savory combination, some even replace half of the butter with Cheddar cheese, resulting in an unusual apple pie with a cheesy crust. The most popular variety in the US is probably apple pie a la mode, invented in Minnesota in 1885, and served with a scoop of ice cream on top.

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