Hot Apple Toddy | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu

Hot Apple Toddy | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu

Warm up with a Hot Apple Toddy from the cocktail queen herself, Shatbhi Basu.

The combination of whiskey or brandy, cinnamon, and apple juice really packs a punch and is perfect for entertaining in the monsoons, autumn, or winter.

But have you ever wondered where did the Hot Toddy first come from? Well, there are two interesting theories.

The most popular belief is that the first hot toddies were made in the 18th century within Edinburgh’s pubs by mixing Scotch whiskey with a splash of hot water. This water was said to have been sourced from Tod’s Well, the largest well in the area, and giving the drink its name. Although this version seems quite plausible, rumor has it that hot toddies actually began in British-occupied India. The word “taddy” in Hindi, which referred to a beverage made from fermented palm sap, actually dates back to as early as the 1610s, long before the Scots began serving the drinks in their pubs. By the mid-18th century, a taddy in India had come to refer to as a “beverage made of alcoholic liquor with hot water, sugar, and spices.”

No matter what the origin, this ‘fall in a glass’ drink has found its way into bars around the world and is sometimes even used for its medicinal properties to help temper some cold symptoms.



50 ml Brandy or Whiskey

1 cinnamon stick, snapped in half

1/2 or 200ml glass of hot unsweetened apple juice (The Twist)

Slices of apples for garnish


In a heatproof glass, pour the whisky or brandy. Add the cinnamon stick, and then top up with 200ml hot apple juice. Finish it by sticking an apple slice into the glass.

#CocktailWithATwist With Shatbhi Basu

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About Shatbhi Basu :

Shatbhi has been reigning over the world of cocktails for nearly four decades and started the first training academy for bartenders in India, called Stir. She is a Bar and Beverage Consultant to several hundred international brands and bars and also a freelance journalist. She has won many accolades in her long and illustrious career, most notable being The President of India award for India’s first women bartender.

Hot Apple Toddy | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu
Hot Apple Toddy | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu

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