Dunkin’ Donuts Released Candy That Tastes Just Like Their Coffee


Photo: Junk Food On The Go

Dunkin’ knows you love their signature drinks and has been new ways finding ways to bring those same beloved flavors into your home over the years. You can buy your favorite brews to make at home (and creamers, too!), and finally, Dunkin’ Coffee Thins are available at big retailers.
Coffee Thins are little chocolate squares made with the same Dunkin’ coffee beans as your morning cup. Yes, they’re sweet, yes, they contain caffeine, and yes, they’re just as good as a piece of chocolate candy, if not better. The thins were originally tested at some Dunkin’ locations in 2014, and in 2018 it was rumored they’d be making a more widespread release.

First appeared on Delish.Com

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