A Harry Potter Butterbeer Bar Is Opening Up For Potterheads

A Harry Potter Butterbeer Bar Is Opening Up For Potterheads

Things just got really magical.

When the news broke last month of the official opening day of the new Harry Potter store in New York (it’s June 3, BTW!), magic fans knew there was going to be so much to look forward to. Though the 21,000 square foot location is already jam-packed with a number of magical and picture-worthy moments, the new attraction is upping the ante by including a bar that serves up—you guessed it—butterbeer. Is that exciting or is that exciting?!

While Harry Potter fans have been indulging in the non-alcoholic beverage since 2010, if you haven’t had the chance to stop by one of the few places that serve it (like the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and any of the Universal Parks and Resorts), you will soon be able to make your dreams come true in NYC.

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Named the Butterbeer Bar, the outlet is said to be an unforgettable experience that will surely be the talk of your trip to the flagship store. Greeting fans with a “giant cascade of glowing butterbeer bottles,” the store promises a truly magical experience that includes almost 1,000 bottles floating from floor to top of bar while the butterbeer itself will move along the ceiling and copper pipes. Can you feel the magic?

Harry Potter New York To Bring Butterbeer To New York City For The First Time

Don’t think that the show is the only thing you’ll be served when you stop by the bar: Muggles, wizards, and witches alike will be able to throw back a frothy cup of butterbeer from a souvenir tankard. According to the store, you’ll also be able to dive into a refreshing scoop of butterbeer ice cream while you down a glass of freshly poured bottled butterbeer. And, the bottled version of the United Kingdom-brewed butterbeer—which has a butterscotch flavor made from a “unique blend of top-secret ingredients”—will have an exclusive new label made specifically for the new store. Fancy!

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The addition of the Butter Bar to the store will mark the first time that Butterbeer has been sold in New York. I hope you’ve gotten your travel plans in order because it’s almost time for the magic to commence!

Harry Potter NY Butterbeer Apron
Harry Potter New York To Bring Butterbeer To New York City For The First Time

Source : Delish | Photos : Harry Potter NYC

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