Dubai’s Museum Of The Future Opens Its Doors To The World

Dubai's Museum Of The Future Opens Its Doors To The World

Photo: Mohammad Azizi/Dubai Future Foundation

Want to find out what life will be like in 100 years? Head to this seven-storey orb in the UAE

From the enormous Burj Khalifa and the twisty, lop-sided Cayan Tower, to recently opening the world’s deepest pool, Dubai has something of a rep for big and bold and rather OTT architecture. And the latest edition to its hodgepodge skyline? The massive, egg-shaped Museum of the Future, which opened yesterday (February 24).

Inside the vast seven-storey structure, you’ll find permanent exhibits that let you experience life on a space ship in 2071, plus explore a digital recreation of a part of the Amazon rainforest in Colombia. Other displays, meanwhile, focus on everything from renewables and DNA mapping to AI city-planning and the transport of the future.

Photograph: Museum of the Future
Photograph: Museum of the Future

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The entire ground floor is dedicated to visitors under the age of ten, with a huge playground full of mini self-driving cars and robotic animals. And there’s an even area that’s being billed as a ‘futuristic spa’: in the ‘Al Waha’ display, you’re welcomed with a hand-sanitising vapour from what looks like a sleek water fountain, then ushered across a digital beach, which responds to your movements.

Sound like a fun day out to you? Want to find out what life will be like in 100 years? And another 100 years after that? Tickets for The Museum of the Future start at AED 145 (£29 or $39). Find out more and book on the official website

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