Mauritius among the only 7 countries with healthy air quality in 2023

Mauritius among the only 7 countries with healthy air quality in 2023

According to the findings from IQAir, a Swiss company specializing in air quality technology, just seven nations including Mauritius adhered to the WHO’s yearly PM2.5 guideline.

In an era where concerns over environmental degradation and the impact of pollution on public health are at an all-time high, Mauritius shines as a beacon of fresh, clean air. In a recent report released by IQAir, only seven countries worldwide managed to meet the stringent air quality guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Among them stands Mauritius, a picturesque nation nestled in the Indian Ocean.

Mr Arvind Bundhun Director MTPA said, “Today’s traveller is environment conscious and many of them are making choices for destinations that prioritize sustainability and environment protection including air quality initiatives. Mauritius has always ensured that maintaining and improving air quality is a priority for the island nation which enhances tourism experiences and contributes to the overall economic and environmental sustainability. Besides, factors such as health and comfort, visibility of attractions and outdoor activities rely on clean and fresh air for tourists to enjoy Mauritius to the fullest.”

By continuing to lead the charge for cleaner skies and a healthier planet, Mauritius sets a shining example for nations worldwide, proving that with dedication and determination, a brighter, more sustainable future is within reach.

The relationship between air quality and tourism is intricate. Clean air isn’t just a matter of environmental pride; it’s a vital aspect of the tourist experience. Factors such as health, comfort, visibility of attractions, and the enjoyment of outdoor activities all hinge on the availability of clean, fresh air. In destinations like Mauritius, celebrated for its natural beauty and outdoor pursuits, this significance cannot be overstated.

Yet, the implications reach beyond tourism. Optimal air quality correlates with good health. By prioritizing clean air, Mauritius is safeguarding the well-being of both its residents and visitors, reducing the risks linked to air pollution, such as respiratory ailments, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues. This dedication to air quality yields a twofold benefit: it amplifies the island’s allure as a tourist hotspot while contributing to the global endeavor to combat environmental degradation.

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