Ringing in 2024: New Year’s Eve Videos from Around the World

Ringing in 2024: New Year's Eve Videos from Around the world


Across the globe, people assembled to say goodbye to 2023 and embrace the arrival of 2024. Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand were among the first major cities to mark the new year with grand firework displays. In New York City, the dawn of New Year’s Day resonated with cheers from a multitude of joyous individuals in Times Square. They were enveloped in confetti, sharing hugs and kisses, having witnessed the descent of the vibrant, iconic ball.

Here are some videos from New Year’s celebrations from around the globe:

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland celebrated the onset of the new year with a fireworks exhibition illuminating its tallest structure, the Sky Tower. The pinnacle of the 1,076ft (328m) communications and observation tower radiated various colors as fireworks burst across the cloudy night sky, complemented by a laser light and animation spectacle.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney welcomed the arrival of 2024 with a spectacular firework presentation that showcased silver and gold pyrotechnics, commemorating the 50th anniversary of its iconic Opera House. The mesmerizing 12-minute display, enhanced by lasers and pyrotechnics, illuminated the sky above the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Over a million spectators, constituting one-fifth of the city’s residents, gathered along the shoreline and on boats to witness the breathtaking event.

North Korea, South Korea and Japan

In Seoul, the Bosingak Pavilion hosted a bell-tolling and countdown ceremony.

Pyongyang bid farewell to 2023 with a fireworks showcase at Kim II Sung Square.

In central Tokyo, crowds congregated at a temple to witness the traditional bell-ringing ceremony, Joya no Kane.

Meanwhile, in Hiroshima, Japan, various groups celebrated the New Year with a sizable torch festival. In Hatsukaichi City near the Itsukushima Shrine, young participants carried the torch, captivating crowds of onlooking tourists.

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines

Hong Kong commenced 2024 with its most extensive display yet, featuring a 12-minute showcase of fireworks launched from the rooftops of several skyscrapers on the island.

In Beijing, China, throngs assembled in Shougang Park to witness the New Year countdown.

Taiwan ushered in 2024 with a combination of fireworks and a countdown from the Taipei 101 building.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines capital of Manila, fireworks illuminated the night sky against the backdrop of illuminated tower blocks as the clock struck midnight.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As the clock struck midnight in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, fireworks erupted along the entirety of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Simultaneously, Abu Dhabi showcased the “largest fireworks display in the world,” with organizers declaring that the spectacle extended for 40 minutes.

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Greece and South Africa

A spectacular display unfolded above the historic Parthenon temple at the Acropolis in Athens.

Simultaneously, fireworks illuminated the sky over Cape Town, with the iconic Table Mountain aglow beneath.

Germany, Italy and France

In Berlin, throngs assembled at the Brandenburg Gate to ring in the New Year, while Rome experienced a sky aglow with fireworks.

Meanwhile, in Paris, acrobats showcased their skills in a prelude to fireworks near the Arc de Triomphe.

London, United Kingdom

Nearly 15 minutes of awe-inspiring spectacle unfolded around the London Eye on the Thames, involving approximately 12,000 fireworks, 600 drones, and 430 lights.

The display lived up to the city’s reputation for breathtaking showcases, with the London mayor’s office hailing it as the “biggest-ever fireworks, lights, and drone show over the River Thames.”

The event also featured drones crafting images in the sky, all synchronized to the music of iconic artists such as the Spice Girls, Beyoncé, Louis Armstrong, The Kinks, and Dua Lipa.

Voice recordings from notable figures, including the King, Dame Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, and Baroness Floella Benjamin, added a special touch, with Baroness Floella Benjamin reading a poem by the late Benjamin Zephaniah.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Hogmanay revelries were in full swing in the capital of Scotland, drawing crowds from all corners of the globe to gather around the iconic castle.

Thousands of attendees filled the sold-out Princes Garden Street Party and Concert in the Gardens, marking the festival’s 30th anniversary.

As part of the festivities, the indie band Pulp took the stage and performed.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A vibrant showcase, launched from platforms in the sea, drew crowds to the renowned Copacabana beach in the Brazilian city.

While most of Brazil and a significant portion of South America welcomed the New Year at 3 am UK time, countries like Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru were a few hours behind in their celebrations.

New York, U.S.A

In New York, a multitude of revelers congregated in Manhattan’s Times Square to witness the iconic moment of the lighted ball dropping at midnight – arguably the most renowned New Year’s Eve tradition.

The night featured performances by artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, LL Cool J, and Tyla, leading up to the anticipated descent of the famous ball at midnight. The classic tune “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra echoed through the air as confetti filled the sky, and many seized the opportunity for a celebratory kiss with their partners to usher in the beginning of 2024.

Las Vegas, U.S.A

Fireworks welcomed the New Year, with thousands of people gathering along the strip to watch the huge display.

The city said more than 400,000 people were expected at the celebration.

San Francisco, U.S.A

The city of San Francisco rang the new year as big crowds watched the firework show and other events Sunday night. Even hours away from midnight, people were clearly ready to celebrate all along the Embarcadero. Thrive City was another place to celebrate, hosting a family-friendly Kwanzaa and Noon Year’s Eve celebrations filled with music and activities. 

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