Turkey mandates e-ATV requirement for Indians travelling to South America via Istanbul

Turkey mandates e-ATV requirement for Indians travelling to South America via Istanbul

As per the latest development, the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi recently announced a significant update regarding travel procedures for Indian and Nepalese passport holders transiting through Istanbul Airport to Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. As per the reports, effective April 15, 2024, Turkish authorities have made it mandatory for all those travelling via Istanbul Airport to the said places to carry Electronic Airport Transit Visa (e-ATV).

In an official statement posted on X, the Türkiye Embassy conveyed the initiation of this requirement, emphasising its applicability to Indian and Nepalese nationals. To obtain the e-ATV, individuals falling under this category can check the website ‘evisa.gov.tr’ from the aforementioned date, with the service offered at no cost, aligning with existing protocols.

Furthermore, the embassy stressed the necessity for affected passengers to carry a hard copy of their e-ATVs during their journey. Airlines and service providers at departure airports are mandated to verify these documents in accordance with international aviation regulations. Additionally, Turkish authorities stationed at the visa checkpoints in the transit passenger arrival area of Istanbul Airport will conduct further inspections.

This measure aims to streamline transit processes and uphold international aviation standards. Travellers subject to this requirement are urged to proactively secure their e-ATVs through the designated portal and adhere to the outlined guidelines by carrying the print-out throughout their travel. This proactive approach ensures compliance and facilitates smoother transit experiences for affected Indian and Nepalese passport holders.

If reports are to go by, Türkiye is ramping up its efforts to regulate irregular migration. This recent development reflects the country’s position as a crucial transit and destination point within global migration dynamics. In light of the increasing influx of irregular migrants utilising air routes via Türkiye from diverse regions such as the Middle East and Latin America to reach North America, enhanced inspection measures are being enforced in accordance with international aviation protocols.

Turkish authorities have confirmed the completion of the electronic application process for airport transit visas by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travellers can now acquire these visas at no cost through the ministry’s website. To initiate the e-Visa application, passengers are required to provide precise personal information, residential addresses, and ticket numbers.

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