Uber Eats Launched A Rewards Feature That Lets You Earn Points From Individual Restaurants

Uber Eats

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There’s also a priority delivery feature now too.

Delivery apps like Uber Eats have been a saving grace these past few months, what with getting our food to us when we were unable to pick it up for ourselves. While Uber Eats already offered rewards through the app itself, a new feature now lets you earn points from individual restaurants too.

Uber Eats added more benefits for frequent customers with the new Restaurant Loyalty program. Think of it as becoming a “virtual regular” to any restaurant, and with that title comes some extra perks. This is especially helpful if you find yourself constantly ordering from the same handful of places.

Every time you order from a restaurant, you’ll receive points toward a reward that each restaurant will select. Restaurants opt into the program, so while it’s not available everywhere just yet, there are a lot of options. In the app, there will be a Rewards page where you can easily keep track of your frequent restaurants and see how close you are to earning something.

In addition to this Restaurant Loyalty program, Uber Eats has also introduced a priority delivery feature. This feature allows customers to pay an additional small fee to ensure their order gets to them faster. By paying this fee, your food will get to you anywhere from five-to-10 minutes faster than the initial ETA says. So if you need something before you get too hangry, Uber Eats has you covered. Looks like you have your weekend dinner plans!

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