Margarita With A Twist

Margarita With A Twist

The weekend is good enough an excuse to raise a glass of your favorite tequila-based cocktail or just a neat pour of a delicious Anejo to celebrate, but what if we told you It’s National Tequila Day today? In 2018, Tequila Day was officially recognized by the Mexican government, and now everyone wants to celebrate–not just today but all year round!

When you think of tequila drinks, the first thing that comes to your mind is a traditional margarita. But here’s our twist to the classic cocktail to celebrate Tequila Day. The frozen margarita is an easy recipe that anyone can make at home. This lime-flavored cocktail transforms the original margarita into a delicious boozy slushie, and its fresh tea-infused taste beats any store-bought margarita mix. With the help of your blender and the basic margarita ingredients, you’ll have a cool, refreshing drink that’s absolutely perfect for the summer cocktail hour!


2 shots of tequila (60ml)

1 and a half shots of strong cold tea (45ml) – You can use green tea, earl grey, peach or strawberry flavored tea

25ml triple sec

25ml lime juice

15ml sugar syrup

Handful of ice

Wedge of lime, to garnish

Method: Put all the ingredients except the lime wedge in a blender and blitz until smooth. Tip into a cocktail, margarita, or rocks glass, garnish and serve.

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