You Could Be Dining Under One Of These Suspended Shields In The Near Future

Christophe Gernigon Studio

Photo: Christophe Gernigon Studio

Eating out in a post-corona world might mean dining is reservation only, to allow businesses to manage the number of people inside at any one time. It could mean we’ll all be eating alfresco, no matter what the weather’s like. And it could mean any number of new and creative measures being bought in to help keep diners more than two metres apart at all times.
We’ve already seen a few examples of these measures, like the German café where visitors wore pool noodles on their heads, or the restaurant in America where diners are wearing ‘bumper tables’ to stay distant. But, thankfully, more stylish options are now beginning to appear, like this concept, named PLEX’EAT, which would see diners sat inside their own private, suspended visors around a dining table.
French designer Christophe Gernigon came up with the alternative and much more aesthetically pleasing solution for social distancing, which looks a bit like a shiny, transparent lampshade.

‘Though we would have preferred not to arrive at this point, it is now better to imagine alternative, designed, elegant and aesthetic solutions that will guarantee social distancing regulations,’ he says, adding that his concept ‘lets each person dine or have a drink in total security.’

There’s also a design for a pair of diners who don’t need to social distance – perhaps they are part of the same household.

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