America Is Now Dealing With A Pepperoni Shortage

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According to Bloomberg, small pizza shops all across the United States are reporting higher prices and lower availability of the popular topping.

The issue seems to be dual: on the one hand, there is less meat than usual available and, on the other hand, the demand for the food is higher than what the market is used to. The latter point is likely connected to Americans’ new (temporary?) lifestyles: as more people spend more time at home, they tend to order more pizza for delivery.

This isn’t the first meat-related culinary chaos that restaurants have had to deal with lately. In the past few months, the price of ground beef has also exceeded “standard” levels but, unlike what’s happening with pepperoni, that spike is now easing.

Interestingly enough, also according to Bloomberg, big chains the likes of Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s have not have had to contend with increased costs and overall shortages because they tend to buy their ingredients through long-term contracts that lock in prices for quite a while.

We can’t say we’re surprised about the news because, at this point, nothing really surprises us. That being said, we echo the words of Matthew Hyland, chef and co-owner of Emily in New York City: “It’s an American right to have pepperoni on pizza,” he told Bloomberg. “Pepperoni is such a huge part of pizza it’s important to us that we keep it accessible.” 

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