Arunachal Pradesh for Adventure and Outdoor

Arunachal Pradesh for Adventure and Outdoor
Arunachal Pradesh for Adventure and Outdoor

From river rafting to trekking, wildlife sanctuaries to frozen lakes, here are some of the fascinating adventurous activities in Arunachal Pradesh.

The mystical realm of Arunachal Pradesh, with its sun kissed peaks and meandering rivers, is one of India’s last wild frontiers. “The land of the dawn-lit mountains” as it’s called with ancient monasteries and untamed wilderness is nestled in North East Asia girdled by the Eastern Himalayas. The mighty Brahmaputra called Siang and her tributaries flow through the dark reaches of the woods, carving valleys, and cascading into waterfalls. These perennial rivers, fed by glacial snow are perfect for white water rafting with unparalleled rapids.

Arunachal has beckoned many an intrepid traveller seeking adventure and it does not disappoint. The uncharted territory is a haven for trekkers, river rafters, and wildlife enthusiasts as you can experience frozen lakes, glaciers, torrents, and waterfalls in verdant forests filled with hoary shrines and tranquil monasteries. Arunachal Pradesh is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts and here are some of the adventurous activities that you can experience in this sublime North East State

Go River Rafting

The mythical Brahmaputra or the Siang is considered the “horse mouth river” and locals believe that drinking the water will make them as strong as the horse. You can feel the might of the river as it flows 180 km, from Dibrugarh forming roaring rapids and riffles along the course from Tuting to Pasighat with spectacular views of rainforests. You will encounter the Big Drops, and the tumultuous rapids at Zebra Rock while the river teases you at Tooth Fairy. The expedition is one wild symphony of nature as you face the music of the swirling white frothing waters at Karko and land at the Pongging Punch.

River rafting
River Rafting. Photo: Aquaterra Adventures

Experienced rafters plunge along the unchartered course of the Subansiri River as it gushes untamed from Taliha to North of Daporijo along deep gorges, galloping at blinding speeds. Locals believe that the raw power of the river is enough to even uproot a forest as you swerve through some of the most remote areas of the state. The other river rafting routes are along the River Kameng also known as the Seppa=Bhalukpong route and the Dibang River from Anini towards the Assam border. The difficulty level is Grade 4 and above as you challenge the raging speeds and the unbridled passion of the rivers. The best time for river rafting is from November to March

Wear your trekking boots

Arunachal Pradesh is a pantheist delight and with emerald-tinged meadows and verdant forests and wooded valleys girdled with towering peaks, there are several trails and hikes for avid trekkers.

Charming villages, ancient monasteries, and wildlife sanctuaries dot your trek as you lose yourself in the lap of nature. Choose from the Ziro-Talley Valley trek, where you can hike along the lower region of the Subanseri River at 9000 feet above sea level. On an eight-day trek, you will be walking across dense forests with incredible biodiversity here. The Mechuka trek that starts from the village is about 30 km from the Tibet border and is about 6000 feet elevation and is one of the easier treks in the state. Another trek that takes you through smaller and remote villages is the Thembang trek that starts in West Kameng near Bomdila.

Trekking the Seven Lakes - Photo: Arunachal Tourism
Trekking the Seven Lakes – Photo: Arunachal Tourism

The Anini or the Seven Lakes trek is one of the most incredible treks along the Dibang Valley, home to the Mishmi tribes, and can take between a week and twelve days. The longer and more strenuous Bailey Trail takes you into the heartland of Dirang to Jung, where the ancient Monpa tribes live and sometimes you can even scale altitudes of 16000 feet. The trail also offers spectacular views of the peaks Gorichen and Kangto and can take anywhere between 12-22 days and rakes along Sela Pass and Lake. Other options are the arduous trek to the Gorichen peak and the Dong Valley trek, located in the eastern end of the country which receives the first ray of light.

Go wild in the National Parks

Go wild literally in Arunachal Pradesh if you are into bird watching and wildlife. The forested depths of the Eastern Himalayan ranges are some of the hot bio diversity hotspots and are raw and untamed jungles are home to some of the endemic flora and fauna. Wild eight wildlife sanctuaries, two national parks and one sanctuary dedicated only to orchids, you can even trek through some of the dense and dark forest floors where you can see gushing torrents and meandering brooks.

Photo: istock
Photo: istock

The Namdapha National Park is the fourth largest in the country where you can see the elusive red panda and the four species of wild cats – tigers, leopards, clouded and the rare snow leopards. The Mouling National Park along East Siang is the other national park with pristine views where tigers and leopards can be sighted.

Eagle Nest is a protected park along the West Kameng and a haven for birds and bird watchers with over 700 rare species flitting in this rich biodiversity, including the endemic Bugun liocichla, named after the Bugun tribes. The Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary houses the rare Mishmi Takin- a species that is an endangered goat-antelope.  Pakke Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve located in East Kameng is also the home to elephants besides tigers. Look out for the great hornbills here.

Go road tripping

If you like to explore Arunachal Pradesh by road, then there are several scenic routes filled with spectacular views, wildlife, frozen lakes, mountain passes and monasteries. One of the most popular circuits is the Bhalukpong-Bomdila- Dirang-Tawang route which can be a breezy three days if you would like to take it slow. You can do river rafting on the Kameng river or visit the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary Besides the monastery, if you drive beyond Tawang you can see several frozen lakes, including the Tsangetsar Lake. In Tawang, don’t miss the iconic Tawang Monastery, the touching War Memorial, the stunning Sela Pass, and the tranquil Sangti Valley.

Photo: Arunachal Tourism
Photo: Arunachal Tourism

Another favourite route is the Itanagar- Ziro Valley drive and you can head to the Talley Valley Wildllife Sanctuary. If you are looking for a remote, uncharted drive, then cruise along from the quiet Aalo known for the orchards and head towards Pasighat. From Aalo, you must plan a trip to Mechuka to see the lake and ancient monastery.

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