In Photos | 5 Must-Visit Beaches In Tamil Nadu For Your Next Vacation

In Photos | 5 Must-Visit Beaches In Tamil Nadu For Your Next Vacation
In Photos | 5 Must-Visit Beaches In Tamil Nadu For Your Next Vacation

Colachal Beach, Kanniyajumari. Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the smell of salt in the breeze, the feel of sand beneath your feet and the sweet taste of fresh coconut water are what make beaches so special. From Chennai to Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Spotted with French colonies and ancient forts, the beaches of Tamil Nadu will offer you a vacation filled with serenity and lip-smacking delicacies.

For your next vacation, plan a trip with your loved ones to view the majestic coastlines and glistening waters of Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the must-visit beaches that you can hit up when in Tamil Nadu.

Kanniyakumari Beach

Muttom Beach, Kanniyajumari. Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

Located on the southernmost tip of India, Kanniyakumari is dotted with many beautiful beaches like Sothavilai Beach, Sanguthurai Beach, and Kanniyakumari Beach where one can take a dip into the azuring waves during the day and take a relaxing stroll in the evening best experienced during the months, November to March. You can also visit Thekkuruchi, Muttom Beach, and Thengapattinam Beach (an old maritime town with a 1,000-year-old mosque). Another spectacle that makes the view from the beach so breathtaking is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial situated on top of an island in the sea. Adjacent to this memorial is the Thiruvalluvar Statue, one of the most iconic landmarks in Tamil Nadu. The statue is dedicated to the ancient Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar. Standing at a staggering 133 feet, the statue is a powerful symbol of Tamil literature and culture.

Marina Beach

Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

Famous for being the second longest beach in the world, Marina Beach is located only a few kilometres away from Chennai, making it a must-visit place for anyone holidaying in Chennai. A serene strip of coast along the Bay of Bengal, the beach is one of the best beaches in India. It stretches 13 km from Fort St. George to the northern part of Besant Nagar. The mesmerizing waters and the breathtaking sunrise make the trip to Marina Beach a must. A 50-meter-high lighthouse on the shore gives a fantastic view of the city and its surroundings.

Covelong Beach

Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

Calm seas and a gleaming sun are what attract visitors to this spectacular location. Covelong beach is known for its pristine beauty and the memorable experience that it offers to its visitors. This Blue Flag certified beach (certificate given by the Foundation for Environment Education in Denmark to eco-friendly destinations) is located near the fishing village of Covelong, at a distance of 40 km from Chennai and is also called Kovalam Beach. The port is visible from the beach and offers fantastic views. It is a great place for people who love watersports like windsurfing and regular surfing.

Agni Theertham Beach

Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

A sacred place, filled with devotees all year round, Agni Theertham shines brightly on Tamil Nadu’s must-visit beaches list for several reasons. Located in Rameshwaram, the beach will entice you with a great story from the epic Ramayana. One of the ‘theerthams’ or holy water bodies, it is believed that taking a bath at Agni Theertham is equivalent to penance. According to mythology, Goddess Sita begged Lakshmana, the younger brother of her husband, Lord Rama, to start a fire in order to prove her purity to her husband. She sat inside the fire to make her point, and she remained safe from the flames. Lord Agni (God of Fire) appeared to confirm this, and Sita proved her purity. Lord Agni bathed in the sea and prayed to Lord Shiva in order to apologise for his transgression of touching the goddess. Thus, Agni Theertham became the name of this location. It is said that bathing in Agni Theertham will wash away all of your sins. Thus, it is one of the major tourist attractions for pilgrims. Apart from this, the beach is also a pristine seashore to enjoy the golden sands and blue seas by a regular tourist.

Dhanushkodi Beach

Photo: Tamil Nadu Tourism

One of the most exotic and picturesque beaches in Tamil Nadu is the Dhanushkodi beach. A highly popular spot, it is visited by tourists from all over world. The pristine beach is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Gulf of Mannar on the other. It is a place rich in history, myths and beauty. The word “Dhanushkodi’ means the tip of the bow. It is said that Lord Rama, from the Indian epic Ramayana, ordered his soldiers to construct a bridge over the ocean to reach the kingdom of the evil king Ravana. Rama had to travel to Lanka to find Sita after Ravana had kidnaped her. As a result, this location plays a crucial role in Indian mythology and history. The beach is an ideal getaway for families, friends and even solo travelers. Keep your cameras on standby as this is a beautiful place to spot and photograph migratory birds like flamingos and gulls.

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