Red Wine Spritzer | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu

Red Wine Spritzer | Cocktail With A Twist With Shatbhi Basu

Treat yourself to a Red Wine Spritzer from the cocktail queen herself, Shatbhi Basu.

Believed to be originated in Austria in the 19th century as a way to make bubbly wine – this fruity and full-bodied, yet at the same time refreshing and bubbly wine spritzer is the best cocktail to serve over summer and for a party. It’s easy to make, pretty to look at, and incredibly delicious! Add sliced oranges and apples as a garnish, and you have the fruitiness of sangria in no time.



150 ml Red Wine (You may use white wine or rosé)

30 ml orange juice

15 ml orange vodka (Or any other vodka.

Sliced orange, apple, sweet lime, and plums (The twist here is to add seasonal fruits like plums that just adds more substance and flavor to the drink)

Ice Cubes

Mint Leaves and Basil leaves for garnish


Fill a large wine glass halfway with ice. Add the orange, sweet lime, apple slices, and plums. Add 30 ml orange juice for the tanginess, and 15 ml of orange vodka if you prefer the spiked version.

Top with leftover red wine and, fizzy lime drink like sprite, and stir gently. Smack mint between your palms, and add to cocktail. Garnish with a basil leaf.

#CocktailWithATwist With Shatbhi Basu

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About Shatbhi Basu :

Shatbhi has been reigning over the world of cocktails for nearly four decades and started the first training academy for bartenders in India, called Stir. She is a Bar and Beverage Consultant to several hundred international brands and bars and also a freelance journalist. She has won many accolades in her long and illustrious career, most notable being The President of India award for India’s first women bartender.

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