A New Candy Land Museum Just Opened In Madrid


Spain is the latest country to announce an opening of a new sweet treat attraction.

New York is home to the famous Museum of Ice Cream and more recently, Switzerland has launched the world’s largest chocolate museum – now Sweet Space Museum just launched in Madrid.

The new candy land includes nine rooms, which curators have promised to change regularly to keep the surprises fresh for visitors. Key features are a candy floss forest, sugar cloud walls and a lollipop waterfall. Visitors will no doubt feel fully immersed into a world of pure imagination which would give Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory a run for his money.

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The new exhibits have been spectacularly designed by some of Spain’s leading artists, including Okuda San Miguel, Antonyo Marest and Christian Escribá.

Interactive experiences will also be on offer, where visitors can smell, touch, and taste a varied selection of delicious treats, as well as an ice cream lab ran by Madrid’s dessert masters Toto.

A representative for the new museum said: “Sweet Space is an interactive tasting adventure that will delight those with a sweet tooth,  as a unique space full of innovative experiences and lots of fun, where a connection is generated through taste, imagination and creativity.”

Sweet Space Museum is located in Madrid’s ABC Serrano Shopping Centre bookings can now be made online.

Photo : © Sweet Space Museum

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