Instagram Collaborates With Swiggy And Zomato, Adds Food Order Sticker


Photo : Shutterstock

Instagram will now make it easier for its users to order food through its platform. The company on Thursday announced that it has partnered with food-delivery giants Swiggy and Zomato to help small restaurants survive and establish themselves during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Instagram launched a special food order stickers to enable users to order food.
The small-scale business can share newly launched food order stickers by Instagram on their Stories, which would allow users to just tap on it and place an order through Swiggy or Zomato.
In order to use the food order sticker, businesses or restaurants should have the latest version of Instagram on either iOS or Android. They should either use a business account on the app or a creator account. They can add either Swiggy or Zomato’s link to their Instagram Stories and also share the link on their Instagram profile. This would make it easier for people who follow them to place orders just by tapping on the “order food” button or the Stories.
People can also help the small scale businesses by sharing the stickers with a link to Zomato or Swiggy in their Stories too. This would help the restaurants in reaching out to more and more people.

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