Baileys’ All-New ‘Light’ Irish Cream Has 40% Less Sugar & Calories

Baileys' All-New 'Light' Irish Cream Has 40% Less Sugar & Calories

Diageo’s new Baileys Deliciously Light is the latest innovation from the world’s biggest-selling liqueur brand. Made with Irish cream and whiskey, the liqueur has ‘rich cocoa and vanilla flavours’.

A 2.5oz (71ml) serving of the new liqueur contains 139 calories and 7.8g of sugar. In comparison, a 2.5oz pour of Baileys Original Irish Cream contains 233 calories and 13.3g of sugar. The 16.1% ABV expression is recommended served in a number of ways including over ice, chilled, in a smoothie, or with hot, iced or whipped coffee.

Stacey Cunningham, director of Baileys and liqueurs, Diageo North America, said: “We all deserve a little treat and with the launch of Baileys Deliciously Light, it’s the perfect reminder for us to take that well-deserved time for ourselves this year.”

To celebrate the addition to the Baileys portfolio, the liquor brand is partnering with the Cocktail Courier to release four curated cocktail kits stocked with Deliciously Light.

Here are the cocktail sets:

Rose Colored Glasses: features a yoga mat towel, wellness planner, a 750-milliliter bottle of Baileys Deliciously Light, chia seeds packet, pink dragon fruit powder, rose petals, rose water dropper, Vita Coco Coconut Water.

Photo Credit : Baileys

Baileys Boba: includes 750-milliliter bottle of Baileys Deliciously Light, Baileys-themed socks, Cocktail Courier’s cocoa nib syrup, cocoa powder, dry boba, a head massager, organic low-fat milk, unsweetened matcha powder, two paper boba straws.

Photo Credit : Baileys

But First, Coffee: includes a “good vibes only” desk plate, Baileys mug, 750-milliliter bottle of Baileys Deliciously Light, a hand frother, spice topper packet, coconut sugar, and instant espresso.

Photo Credit : Baileys

Gold Standard: 750-milliliter bottle of Baileys Deliciously Light, cherries, saffron and Madagascar vanilla syrup, gold leaf sheet, personalized video from Neil Patrick Harris, early grey tea bags, Belgian chocolate squares, and whipping cream.

Photo Credit : Baileys

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