Hershey’s And DC Comics Are Releasing New Superhero Chocolate Bars This Summer


Photo : Hershey’s

Hershey’s and DC Comics teamed up to make superhero chocolate bars that are set to be released this summer, and the two iconic brands are sharing the first batch with frontline workers of the coronavirus pandemic prior to its launch.

The Hershey’s Super Hero Milk Chocolate bars feature DC Comics faves like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman on the packaging. Each bite of the milk chocolate itself has a superhero logo or a simple “Bam!” on it.

The bars will be available to the larger public in July for a limited time, but frontline workers get first dibs. Boxes of the bars have already been sent to various frontline workers at hospitals, police stations, and fire houses in the hardest hit areas like New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

“Supporting our communities in difficult times is part of our legacy, and an important value that our current employees share,” said Michele Buck, President and CEO of Hershey in a statement. “From the building projects that created local jobs during the Great Depression, to producing military rations during World War II, we take great pride in making a difference where we can.”

First appeared on Delish.Com

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