McDonald’s Issued Safety Guidelines That All Of Its Restaurants Have To Follow To Reopen Dining Rooms

Mc Donald's Restaurant

Photo : McDonald’s

As more fast food restaurants open their locations to dine-in customers, McDonald’s released a guide outlining some of the conditions for restaurants to re-open.

In the letter, which was written by president of McDonald’s USA Joe Erlinger, the company outlines some of the enhanced safety and cleaning policies it will require all of its locations nationwide to uphold before reopening its dining rooms. These will be in addition to state and local laws regarding restaurant reopenings.

New procedures and guidelines for in-restaurant dining include:

  • Closing some seating and tables to accommodate social distancing
  • More frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces, including tables
  • Continued care efforts, including crew members wearing masks or face coverings, and gloves, and making masks available for customers in municipalities where they are required
  • Keeping Play Places closed and modifying our dine-in beverage procedures to minimize contact
  • For dine-in orders, the bag will be placed on a clean sanitized tray and delivered to the customer while maintaining social-distance requirements

The McDonald’s guide also includes a Q&A section on how to manage guests who refuse to comply with social-distancing guidelines. You can read the full letter here.

With adherence to these new procedures and guidance, as well as continuing to rely on guidance from CDC, state and local authorities, McDonald’s, in partnership with Owner/Operators will make reopening decisions that are right for the local communities and help ensure restaurant crew and customers feel safe and welcome.  

“As our daily routines continue to evolve, we remain committed to safely serving you and our local neighborhoods around the country. We look forward to welcoming you back into our dining rooms, when the timing is right and with these extra precautions in place.” – Joe Erlinger, President McDonald’s USA

Photo : McDonald’s

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