News at 9: Arunachal Pradesh launches e-ILP portal to facilitate tourist travel, Bihar to host Rajgir Mahotsav and more

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Arunachal Pradesh launches e-ILP portal to facilitate travel of tourists, Bihar to host Rajgir Mahotsav from November 29and more in top stories of the day.

Arunachal Pradesh launches e-ILP portal to facilitate travel of tourists

As per the latest development, Arunachal Pradesh has now launched a portal for the issuance of e-Inner Line Permit (eILP) to facilitate travel of tourists. If reports are to go by, the latest development will ensure tourists enjoy a faster, more convenient, and smoother entry into the state.

Arunachal comes under the Inner Permit Regime protected under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, because of which tourists are required to acquire ILP to visit the state. Now, if reports are to go by, this e-ILP portal, which has been developed by the state’s IT department, has been launched exclusively for tourists.

Bihar to host Rajgir Mahotsav from November 29

As per the latest reports, the three-day internationally acclaimed Rajgir Mahotsav will be organised from November 29 this year.

The event is aimed at promoting rural art and culture and there will be book fair, food mela, fun zone, andbagriculture mela as well. The traditional ‘tonga’ and ‘palki’ decoration competitions, painting contests and Sadbhavna March would also be organised during the three-day extravaganza.

Will Madhya Pradesh’s Bagh become India’s first UNESCO Global Geopark?

Bagh, located in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district, is popularly known for the Bagh Caves, dating back to the late 4th to 6th century. These caves are popular among history lovers because of the Buddhist murals in its rock-cut chambers.

There’s something older in Bagh, much older than the Buddhist caves. We are talking about the fossils of dinosaurs, prehistoric sharks and giant gymnosperms to name a few. The quiet town of Bagh, as it turned out, is a treasure trove of fossils as old as 100.5 – 60 million years old. Geologists and palaeontologists are working together to make a dossier for UNESCO for the tag of a global geopark. This is done to protect the site, increase tourism, involve the local communities and raise awareness to protect the area’s history of millions of years.

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