News at 9: First-ever US road that charges EVs as they drive, Second Leopard Reserve in Jaipur and more

News at 9: First-ever US road that charges EVs as they drive, Second Leopard Reserve in Jaipur and more

Launch of first-ever US road that charges electric vehicles as they drive, First in India, Jaipur is now home to two leopard reserves and more in top stories of the day.

US launches its first-ever ‘electric road’ that wirelessly charges EVs as they drive

The first-ever wireless charging road for electric vehicles (EV) has been launched in the US as countries race to find ways to extend EV range. The project in Michigan set to open next year, will be just one-mile long – but if successful, this kind of charging could help EVs travel longer distances without adding additional batteries, and potentially increase the number of drivers willing to make the switch from gas-powered cars.
When car passes over the coils, the charging system activates, allowing the receiver to capture the energy and transmit it to the battery, Stefan Tongur from Electreon, the company building the stretch of road in Michigan, told The Independent.
In addition to the Michigan project, Electreon is testing these roads in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Israel.

First in India, Jaipur is now home to two leopard reserves

Jaipur is India’s first city to get two leopard reserves – Jhalana Leopard Reserve and the newly-added Amagarh Leopard Reserve. The reserve forest of Amagarh is located in the Aravalis, and is an important leopard habitat. Spread across a total of 1,524 ha, the Amagarh Leopard Reserve is home to 15 leopards. 
This development is a part of Project Leopard, an initiative started in Rajasthan back in 2017 for the conservation of the big cat population in the state. Under this project, the leopard population in Jhalana Leopard Reserve showed a good and healthy increase. Amagarh Reserve is an important wildlife corridor for not just leopards, but also other important animals like hyenas, jackals, wild cats, foxes, civet cats, nilgai, sambhar, rabbits, among others.

United Becomes First U.S. Airline to Sign Agreement to Purchase Sustainable Aviation Fuel Overseas

United, which has invested in more sustainable fuel production than any other airline in the world, became the first US airline to sign an international purchase agreement for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The airline has signed a new purchase agreement with Neste that provides United the right to buy up to 52.5 million gallons over the next three years for United flights at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, and potentially other airports as well.

“Reducing carbon emissions from fuel is the fastest way United will reach our 100% green goal by 2050. As the airline that has invested more than any other airline in sustainable aviation fuel production, it makes sense to expand our network of partners internationally with a leading company like Neste,” said Lauren Riley, United’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “The demand from our customers to limit their emissions from flying is growing exponentially, and this agreement means that United customers flying from Amsterdam, and potentially more airports, will be partners in our sustainability efforts.”

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