NYC’s Harry Potter Flagship Store Has An Official Opening Date!

NYC's Harry Potter Flagship Store Has An Official Opening Date!

The world’s largest Harry Potter store finally has an official opening date!

Harry Potter New York will open on June 3 at 935 Broadway in the Flatiron District, offering three floors and over 21,000 square feet of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts merch.

Across the store, there will be 15 different themed areas. First, visitors will pass under a massive model of Fawkes the Phoenix (weighing in at 220 pounds), which was created by a team of specialist propmakers over several months.

There will be a number of photo opps inside the store as well—visitors can step inside a London phone box and pretend they’re being apparated into the Ministry of Magic or “shrink down” inside Hagrid’s boots. They’ll even be able to pick a wand from an interactive wand table and put it to the test.

A majestic griffin will also be found in the store’s grand main atrium.

Harry Potter Store NYC
Photograph: Courtesy Harry Potter New York

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MinaLima, the graphic design duo on all Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies, will also have a gallery and store showcasing its HP-themed graphic art, plus fans can see prints of the Daily Prophet covers, Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter and the Quibbler.

Of course, fans can enter the Wand Shop to browse more than 50 wands inspired by characters, locations and props from the Wizarding World, including the Golden Snitch wand, exclusive to Harry Potter New York.

A “Personalization Area” gives fans the opportunity to personalize their merch, including engraving their wand, embossing a journal or embroidering a House robe with their name.

NYC's Harry Potter Flagship Store Has An Official Opening Date!
Photograph: Courtesy Harry Potter New York

Harry Potter’s incredible magical treats will also be available for purchase in a Honeydukes-themed area, including the famous Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Plushie toys can be found under the Dirigible Plum Tree, too.

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More tech will be used throughout the store, too. Using the Harry Potter Fan Club app, visitors will find a number of Enchanted Keys that unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes facts, figures, and videos that bring the store to life.

You can check out the store’s merch on its website right now if you’re wildly excited like we are.

Harry Potter Store NYC
Photograph: Courtesy Harry Potter New York

Source: Time Out. Photograph: Courtesy Harry Potter New York

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