South Korea’s two new visa programmes; What it means for Indian tourists

South Korea’s two new visa programmes; What it means for Indian tourists

Work and Play in the Land of KPop and KDramas: Apply for South Korea’s Innovative Workation Visa 2024

In response to the global fascination with its culture, spurred by the success of K-pop and K-dramas, South Korea is launching two new visas in 2024—the Digital Nomad Visa (Workation Visa) and the K-Culture Training Visa (Hallyu Visa). The objective is to attract millions of foreign tourists, making South Korea a preferred international tourist destination.

To streamline travel within the country, reports suggest that South Korea is implementing reforms, including the introduction of foreign mobile payments and a traveler mobility app to facilitate shopping and transportation for international visitors. English versions of navigation systems are also in development, contributing to South Korea’s vision of providing a more accessible and enjoyable experience for tourists.

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The Digital Nomad Visa

The Digital Nomad Visa, also known as the Workation Visa, encourages extended stays for foreign nationals, combining work and travel. This visa allows visitors to stay for up to one year, surpassing the 90-day limit on tourist visas. Qualifications include one year of work experience in the industry, affiliation with international companies, and meeting financial requirements. The visa is open to families, excluding children aged 18 or older, and applicants must earn double South Korea’s gross national product, maintain personal medical insurance, and secure home evacuation coverage exceeding 100 million won ($7,750). Workation visa holders cannot engage in profit-making activities or work for local companies without a separate visa.

The K-Culture Training Visa

The K-Culture Training Visa, or Hallyu Visa, enables foreign individuals enrolled in cultural academies to stay for a maximum of two years. This visa targets those passionate about Korean culture, K-pop, and related fields, offering firsthand knowledge from experts in Korean music, drama, film, animation, and gaming industries. The Hallyu Visa simplifies the process compared to the E-6 visa, as it only requires applicants to register at approved Korean institutes under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, instead of necessitating trainee contracts with Korean entertainment firms.

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