Starbucks Is Adding More AI-Equipped Coffee Machines


Photo: Sorbis/Shutterstock

Starbucks Is Adding More AI-Equipped Coffee Machines This Year And They Sound Super Cool

According to Yahoo! Finance, Starbucks recently discussed its investment in artificial intelligence coffee machines. These machines, which the company is calling “Deep Brew”, are designed to help baristas make orders more quickly and collect information. The AI machines help in two ways: First, they report info on what customers seem to be ordering the most of, so that Starbucks can keep track of what’s popular, as well as when parts may need to be replaced. The machines can also pull a triple shot of espresso instantly, when baristas could previously only pull two at a time. All of that can add up to getting your coffee more quickly, and a lot less stress on baristas. Starbucks has already installed 800 of the machines and is due to install another 4,000 this year. And that’s partly because employees really seem to liking them. 

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