Taco Bell’s New Wild Strawberry Freeze Is Filled With Delicious Candy Pieces


Photo : Taco Bell

Taco Bell finally just added Wild Strawberry Freeze to the menu. The Wild Strawberry Freeze is basically a delicious slushie made with Wild Strawberry syrup and it also comes in a Wild Strawberry Candy Freeze, filled with delicious candy pieces throughout. It’s the perfect companion for just about anything your order at the chain. Taco Bell also released this truly unhinged description of the Wild Strawberry Freeze in case you wanted to get a sense of its whole vibe. “The Wild Strawberry Freeze is a go-getter,” they wrote. “It doesn’t rest until the job is done. An entrepreneur. A hustler. In this context, ‘wild’ is most closely synonymous with ‘crazy.’ Why? People call it ‘wild’ because they can’t understand how it can be so motivated. It has to be crazy, right? Nope. Wild Strawberry Freeze just lives life to fiercest.”

First appeared on Delish.Com

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