New York Restaurant Opens With Private Greenhouses

Ampia Restaurant & Rooftop

Photo : Travis W Keyes

Indoor dining in New York City is delayed indefinitely, but when Ampia Restaurant & Rooftop in the Financial District opens next week, guests can still dine privately—in a greenhouse.

Michele and Anisa Iuliano, the husband-and-wife team behind the rooftop restaurant, have installed five greenhouses atop a 4,500-square-foot outdoor space filled with tropical greenery, Japanese maples and seasonal flowers. Like the couple’s other seven restaurants, the theme here is focused on Italy with a seafood-leaning menu.

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Ampia Restaurant & Greenhouse

Ordering is contactless: Diners can scan a QR code to access the menu on their mobile phones. The greenhouses, which have tables for two that are recommended for people who live in the same household, will be wiped down between uses.

Dishes will include light Italian fare including tuna tartare, calamari and seafood paninis with octopus, tuna, salmon, scallops, shrimp or lobster. pasta and pizza is also available.

Ampia’s 4,500-square-foot outdoor space also has a bar area, banquette seating and tables placed 6 feet apart amid potted plants and other landscaping. Though the terrace typically is designed to accommodate 250 people, the Iulianos plan to only allow up to 65 people at a time, or about 25 percent of its capacity. Guests must wear masks unless seated at a table.

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Ampia Restaurant NYC
Ampia Restaurant – Greenhouse

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