The Largest Harry Potter Store Is Set To Open Soon, And There Are Plans For A Themed Sidewalk Cafe

Harry Potter Themed Cafe NYC


The largest ever Harry Potter store is set to open in New York and a themed sidewalk cafe is also in the works.

The flagship store is set to open in Manhattan, close to the Flatiron building. According to a press release, the team believes New York is the perfect place to open up the largest selection of Harry Potter merchandise: “It’s the ideal city in which to launch with so many dedicated Wizarding World fans, a cutting-edge retail environment and a community that embraces innovative experiences,” a spokesperson for Warner Bros. said.

This new location will have some of the same products that are available at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, like chocolate frogs or wands from Ollivanders. There will be some wands made exclusive to this NYC location, though, and there are plans to open up a themed cafe sidewalk as well, Thrillist said. The flagship store itself is set to be 20,000 square feet and span three whole floors so like, yeah, it’s definitely gonna be huge.

As of right now, although the plans for the store have been announced there has been some hold up on the project. The Wall Street Journal reported that the store wants to have dragons outside, as well as flagpoles designed to look like wands, but there are restrictions on what can or cannot be modified on the outside of the building.

For the time being, you might as well reread the series (for the tenth time?) and binge the movies while you wait for your chance to *literally* step into the world of magic.

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