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The tourism industry of Fiji is flourishing and intensifying with a 300% increase in Tourist Arrivals from India.

Fiji, an archipelago of 333 islands in the South Pacific Ocean, is eyeing India as an important market and extending a warm invitation to Indian tourists to experience its pristine paradise, stated Robert Thompson, Executive Head of Regions, Fiji Tourism, in an interview with Travel and Food Network.

With an increasing number of millennials and affluent Indians seeking international holiday destinations, Fiji sees this as an opportune moment to showcase its beauty. Despite the setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Fiji’s tourism sector rebounded impressively last year, surpassing pre-pandemic levels of 2019. The resurgence in tourism has been remarkable.

One of the standout achievements for Tourism Fiji in 2023 was the influx of international visitors to Fiji. Despite global challenges, Fiji experienced an unprecedented surge in tourist arrivals, showcasing the enduring allure of the beautiful islands. In 2023, Fiji hosted 929,740 travelers, 4% of 2019, contributing an estimated $3.3 billion to the visitor economy. Foreign tourist arrivals in Fiji saw 112% of 2019 arrivals in December with 82,820 visitors, primarily aged 30-49. Forward bookings show January 2024 has recorded an average occupancy of 66% with Australia leading the search for accommodation with 32.2% followed by New Zealand at 17.5% and the United States by 15.5%.

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Indian arrivals to the South Pacific Island nation in 2023 reached pre-COVID numbers of 2019, underlining the increased appetite for premium and experience-led travel. Tourism Fiji worked closely with stakeholders and industry partners to navigate challenges, ensuring the safety and well-being of visitors while maintaining the warmth and hospitality that Fiji is renowned for. Approximately 80% of travelers planned to enjoy the sun and sand destination for a holiday, while 8% visited friends or relatives, and 2% traveled to Fiji for business and conferences. The average age of travellers varied between 30-49 years contributing to 35% of the arrivals in Fiji and 31% were in the age group of 50 and over.

Fiji TOurism India
Sanjay Dhar, CEO of Travel and Food Network (left) and Robert Thompson, Executive Head of Regions, Fiji Tourism (right).

Given that Asia is poised to be the region of the future, we are keen on fostering an increase in Indian tourists visiting Fiji,” stated Robert Thompson, Executive Head of Regions, Fiji Tourism, in an interview with Travel and Food Network. “Fiji, an exquisite tropical archipelago renowned for its palm-fringed beaches, top-notch surfing spots, and hospitable culture, stands as a gem in the South Pacific. We have devised plans to elevate the visibility of our nation as a preferred tourist destination for Indians. We are confident that Indians will find our country enchanting,” he affirmed. Additionally, Fiji, with a significant population of Indian origin, is contemplating the construction of a dedicated self-contained aero city near its airport.

With tourism employing over 119,000 Fijians and contributing to more than 40% of its GDP, there’s a renewed emphasis on attracting visitors by highlighting the country’s environmental and cultural offerings. Experts advocate for improved monitoring of sustainability commitments. Robert Thompson, emphasized the crucial role of tourism in stimulating investments, citing ongoing projects set to infuse substantial economic growth into the nation. He reveals that numerous initiatives are in progress, slated for unveiling within the forthcoming weeks or in the next one to two years.

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