Visiting Germany For UEFA ’24? Here Are Some Must-Have Experiences

Visiting Germany For UEFA '24? Here Are Some Must-Have Experiences

Germany Prepares for Tourism Boom Ahead of UEFA Euro 2024, Crafts Unique Experiences for Visitors.

As the world gears up for the European Championship commencing on 14th June, Germany is also preparing for a significant influx of visitors. The diverse and captivating travel destination, extends an open invitation for explorers seeking inspiration this summer, whilst aligning with its sustainably focussed narrative, ‘Germany Simply Inspiring’. Expecting over 2.7 million spectators in stadiums and an additional 7 million for public viewings. This surge, informed by data from previous sporting events like the 2006 World Cup, positions Germany as an ideal travel destination during this period.

From unspoiled landscapes to authentic culinary delights, urban attractions to historical sites, Germany stands as the ultimate European destination for travellers. Indian visitors can immerse themselves in off-the-beaten-path locations and experiences, offering moments to unwind, embark on scenic road trips, or delve into a heartfelt journey across the country.

In anticipation of this major sporting event, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is channelling global attention towards the host cities and the rich array of attractions in nearby regions. An integral part of this strategy involves providing accessible, comprehensive information about the host cities to facilitate travel plans, all conveniently available here.

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Visiting Germany For UEFA '24? Here Are Some Must-Have Experiences
Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany. Photo: Shutterstock

Romit Theophilus, Director of Marketing & Sales Office – India at the GNTO, said: ” Under the narrative ‘Germany Simply Inspiring,’ the country aims to highlight its positive image amongst the Indian audience whilst promoting travel tips.

Theophilus further emphasised on sustainable aspects across several tourism segments throughout the country be it in the city or the countryside. Germany not only stands as a leading travel destination but also harbours a rich artistic heritage depicted vividly in architectural marvels and the works of renowned 17th-century artist, Caspar David Friedrich. Friedrich’s allegorical landscapes captivate with contemplative figures set against dramatic natural backdrops, reflecting his deep connection with nature.

For art loving travellers eager to trace Friedrich’s motifs, the chalk cliffs on Rügen Island and the Zittau Mountains are but a few destinations echoing his artistic spirit. His timeless message of embracing nature’s beauty resonates today, encouraging a slower, more mindful travel experience amid a world increasingly valuing sustainability and reconnecting with nature. In honour of his 250th birthday, which is next year, their will be an extensive programme of events in his hometown Greifswald, among others.
Embark on picturesque road trips that wind through Germany’s breathtaking landscapes, offering laid-back explorations.

Visiting Germany For UEFA '24? Here Are Some Must-Have Experiences
A housing complex with a rendition famous artist Casper David Friedrich’s Wanderer. Photo: Shutterstock

Enthusiasts can traverse treetop trails, discover standing stones, explore silver mines, or savour the allure of the fish-route. This leisurely mode of exploration caters to families and offers delightful experiences along the way, presenting various travel routes and scenic options for every preference.

To experience Germany’s array of cultural offerings and scenic beauty, visit and to explore the world of the famous artist Caspar David Friedrich visit:

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