Ivy Suites – Charming Lake View Hotel In Bhopal

Ivy Suites - Charming Lake View Hotel In Bhopal
Ivy Suites - Charming Lake View Hotel In Bhopal

When I travel for work, which is quite a bit, I like to stay at hotels that have character and charm. A place that makes me feel welcome after a long hard day. A cozy place that has all the amenities and services I need.

I booked the Ivy Suites in Bhopal; the pictures looked good, it had an excellent rating, was reasonably priced and had all that I needed for my stay of just a single night. From Raja Bhoj Airport, I went straight for my meetings, post which I found my way to the hotel.

Nestled in a corner of a gated community in Shamla Hills, on the outside what you see is a quaint home covered in ivy, surrounded by lush gardens. The first surprise comes when you walk into the lounge and are treated to the most amazing views of Bojtal Lake, popularly known as Upper Lake.

Ivy Suites

Next, you look around and take in your surrounds. The décor is refreshingly whimsical, artistic, and cosy. It is warm, relaxing and has good vibes – a place you can hang out and chill. Large paintings, family collectibles, books and beautiful indoor plants everywhere, and aquariums thrive in unexpected corners. This is the lovely home of Manju and Pramod Sharma, and a boutique hotel since 2014 for visiting guests.

Ivy Suites has 8 large rooms on different floors, out of which 6 face the lake. Every room has its own cheerful décor and all have the amenities that you need whether you’re travelling on business or pleasure. The common theme in all rooms are the vibrant paintings of nature and wildlife created by Manju and Pramod’s daughter, Tina. She also makes beautiful candles and nature inspired decoupage boxes, napkin holders, candle stands and so much more, and all these are available for sale at a little gift shop.

Ivy Suites

The very best thing about the rooms are the balconies, where one can sit outside and take in the spectacular views. After nightfall, myriad lights dot the landscape on the other side of the lake, giving the place a magical feel. I loved the idea of the small selection of books that someone thoughtfully placed in a bookshelf near my bed; it made me feel right at home.

That evening we gathered downstairs in the comfortable living room against a backdrop of the lake and lights and swapped stories like old friends. Pramod introduced me to Mahua, a drink brewed by the tribals of Madhya Pradesh and considered their cultural heritage. I chose to have it straight up with ice; it smelt sweet but tasted strong, fresh and fruity. Rather nice. It reminded me, in a very roundabout way of tequila and I imagine it would make terrific cocktails. Would I drink Mahua again? Yes, for sure. Next visit!


Meals at Ivy Suites are like family affairs. Guests are invited to join Manju and Pramod at the dining table, and everyone eats together. The food, whether it was the Indian cuisine at dinner or the full breakfast in the morning was plentiful, and one could make out that each dish was prepared with care. Everything tasted excellent. It was so much nicer to chat and exchange ideas over a meal, instead of sitting alone in a restaurant with my Kindle or the newspaper for company. The service staff were quiet and efficient but with ready smiles for us, no matter the time of day.

My visit was too short, and before I knew it, I had to leave again. Pramod was so very kind to personally drop me to the airport. Being an ex-hotelier myself, and cutting my teeth with the best of the best in hospitality, I value warmth and personalisation in hotels immensely. All things being equal, the true test for me always is – do you feel alone in an impersonal hotel full of people, or do you feel super comfortable in a more intimate, friendly and caring environment? The answer is easy. And I’m already looking forward to my next stay at Ivy Suites in a few weeks.

Ivy Suites

26 A Nadir Colony, Shamla Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462013
Phones: Landline: +91 755 423 5508,4234753
Mobile: +91 9826058680 Pramod Sharma | +91 9425014421 Manju Sharma
Email: prashar26@yahoo.com, ivysuites@gmail.com

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