500000 Taiwan Travel Vouchers are Up for Grabs!

500000 Taiwan Travel Vouchers are Up for Grabs!

Taiwan is giving away travel vouchers to 500,000 lucky tourists from May 1.

Taiwan authorities plan to attract foreign visitors to Taiwan by offering them vouchers worth NT$5,000 (~HK$1,282) as incentives from May 1, with the plan set to run through 2025. 

Under the detailed regulations regarding the incentive scheme published by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, independent travelers who enter Taiwan with a foreign passport and stay for three to 90 days will be eligible to register for the scheme. 

Registration will be done before arriving in Taiwan on a designated government website or at businesses taking part in the scheme, which excludes group tourists, the bureau said. 

The incentive scheme will run through 2025, with half of the 500,000 NT$5,000 vouchers to be handed out this year to independent travelers. Travelers will be able to get the vouchers as a prize in a lucky draw on arrival at one of the four airports in Taiwan. 

The four airports are Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport, Taichung International Airport, and Kaohsiung International Airport. 

The winners will be able to choose how the NT$5,000 will be spent, either in the form of a pre-stored payment card or vouchers that can be used to pay for accommodation. 

Travelers who choose to receive a payment card stored with a value of NT$5,000 can use it at vendors who accept the card, but each payment is capped at NT$1,500, while the total spending in a day using the card cannot exceed NT$3,000. 

For those who decide to receive the NT$5,000 to pay for accommodation in Taiwan, the bureau said, they will receive five vouchers, each with a face value of NT$1,000. 

Travelers who win the vouchers are not allowed to sell them to other people, while hotels and other accommodation providers will not refund the price difference if a traveler uses the vouchers to pay for stays that cost less.

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