8 Tips To Detox Post Diwali


It’s been a week of Diwali celebrations. So you’re totally drained! All partied out, wined out, dined out and feeling very, very sluggish. You need to sleep for a week just to get your energy back. It’s exactly like ‘the morning after the night before’ times ten! All that binging has taken its toll. You really need to detox – get all those toxins out of your body, rejuvenate, centre yourself and emerge lighter, energetic and lots happier.

Need a bit of support here? Like what to do and how to do it? First and foremost, you need to know that detoxifying does not mean you starve. It just means you eat right and eat light.

Check out our guidelines for a healthy way to get revived and invigorated.

1. Stay hydrated : Most important. Drink plenty of liquids to flush out all those fats and sugars and clear your system for the nutrients to come. Water, coconut water, buttermilk, clear soups with fresh vegetables, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are all good. Cucumber, beetroot, tomato, cabbage and spinach are all rich in antioxidants and fiber. They boost metabolism and are excellent for clearing out your digestive tract.

2. Green tea on its own or with lemon, herbal teas, tulsi boiled in water, raw turmeric water – soaked overnight – cumin, carrom and fenugreek seed water – also soaked overnight in water – all have great curative and restoring effects on the digestive system.

3. Stay away from those refined cereals for some time and instead opt for whole grains – barley, oats, millets, sprouts, quinoa and brown rice.

4. Eat lots of fresh easily digestible seasonal veggies and fruit – the more colourful, the better. Go easy on the oil and spices – your system desperately needs a rest!

fresh fruits

5. Stop snacking. But if you must, vegetable crudites with freshly hung yoghurt is a good idea or nutritious nuts and seeds – unsalted of course.

6. Use honey or jaggery instead of sugar.

7. Substitute processed foods like cheese, with tofu, goat’s cheese or fresh paneer, and cut out all fried foods.

8. And don’t forget some regular exercise or yoga to help your detox along.

How long should you stay on the detox plan? Well, it’s different for different people. During the first three days, your body is eliminating the toxins. After that you could carry on for another 2 days or for a week. Some people carry on for two weeks as well – it really depends on how fast your body is recharging, and how you are feeling. Once you feel great again, be mindful of your diet going forward – this time be smart and prepare in advance for the next big gastronomic event – Christmas!!!!

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