A Look at Trojena’s Clusters at NEOM Saudi Arabia

A Look at Trojena’s Clusters at NEOM Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is building a futuristic ski resort in the middle of the desert

NEOM’s Trojena, dubbed as “a distinctive mountain retreat within NEOM,” is currently being developed and is set around a vast man-made lake, encompassing hotels and residences. Anticipating 700,000 annual visitors and a population of 7,000 permanent residents, the project aims for completion by the end of 2026. Trojena features six distinct clusters catering to various interests, including alpine sports, water wellness activities, and wildlife exploration: Discover, Gateway, Valley, Explore, Relax, and Fun.

In a conversation with Travel and Food Network, Clark Williams, Marketing & Communication Director, Trojena, said that “Trojena will revolutionize mountain tourism globally by embodying the principles of ecotourism, emphasizing our commitment to nature conservation and improving community well-being”.

Sanjay Dhar, CEO of Travel and Food Network (left) and Clark Williams, Marketing and Communication Director, Trojena (right).

Here’s a sneak-peek into Trojena’s Clusters at NEOM Saudi Arabia

Discover Cluster:

Nestled on a cliff’s edge, the Discover Cluster beckons with two main attractions: the avant-garde Discover Tower and the celestial wonder of the Cosmic Gate. The crystal-like Discover Tower is a tech-infused marvel, offering immersive artistic experiences within its commercial high-rise structure. Adjacent to it lies an open-air museum, nestled between two mountain peaks. The Cosmic Gate, on the other hand, invites both science enthusiasts and stargazers to delve into the mysteries of the night sky at an astronomical park and campsite. Completing the cluster is the Mountain Observatory, providing panoramic vistas of the Trojena mountains for all to savor.

Image courtesy: NEOM
Photo courtesy: NEOM

Saudi Arabia is set to elevate its mountainside hospitality with the debut of a luxury resort in Trojena, an elevated enclave nestled within NEOM. As part of the Kingdom’s ambitious $500 billion giga-project, a 105-key hotel under Raffles Hotels & Resorts is slated to grace northwestern Saudi Arabia. Opening its doors in 2027, Raffles Trojena promises guests an immersive experience, inviting them to immerse themselves in the region’s stunning natural landscapes while nestled within its distinctive ring-shaped architecture. The property will embody the hallmark traits of the brand, including its renowned butler service, diverse culinary offerings, and a dedicated emphasis on showcasing local arts and culture.

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Gateway Cluster:

Enter a realm of futurism at the Gateway Cluster, where Mirage and The Vault await. The Vault serves as a cutting-edge nexus of technology and hospitality, encompassing various amenities from retail and dining to entertainment and residences. Meanwhile, the Mirage acts as the gateway to Trojena, offering a captivating introduction to the mountain retreat’s wonders from its lower plateau perch.

Valley Cluster:

Embracing luxury amid natural splendor, the Valley Cluster encircles a vast artificial lake spanning 2.8 kilometers. The roughly 1.7-mile-long lake itself will become the largest manmade body of water in Saudia Arabia, with elevations at the site ranging from 4,920 to 8,530 feet”, said Clark Williams.

Lake Village, amazing waterfront living
Lake Village, Photo courtesy: NEOM

Here, The Bow, The Lake Village, and The Lake epitomize opulence. The Lake Village serves as the heart of Trojena, boasting a blend of residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces, including upscale residences like mansions, chalets, villas, and apartments. Notably, Minor Hotels’ Anantara brand will unveil a five-star resort in the Water Village, offering breathtaking accommodations with panoramic views of the lake and mountains.

Explore Cluster:

Delve into adventure at the Explore Cluster, featuring the Wildlife Reserve, the Mountain Exclusive Resort, and the Boutique Hiking Hotel. The Mountain Exclusive Resort exudes luxury amid mountainous serenity, while the Boutique Hiking Hotel seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, offering a lavish retreat for weary hikers.

Relax Cluster:

Promoting holistic well-being, the Relax Cluster revolves around the Lifestyle Management Resort, a futuristic sanctuary of natural and meditative practices with the commitment to world-class wellness programs, providing guests with opportunities for reflection, recreation, and rejuvenation.

Fun Cluster:

For year-round excitement, the Fun Cluster beckons with the Ski Village and a myriad of outdoor activities. Trojena’s extensive calendar features over 100 indoor and outdoor pursuits, culminating in hosting the 2029 Winter Asian Games. The Ski Village will be located at around 2,400 metres above sea level offering exhilarating snow skiing and winter and synthetic slopes for the rest of the year. 

Snow skiing will be available for skiers for up to three months every year, while the rest of the time tourists will be able to do watersports and mountain biking.

Photo courtesy: NEOM
Photo courtesy: NEOM

“People go like, wait a minute, there’s snow in Saudi Arabia?,” Williams says. “The truth is that we just need -3 degrees Celsius in order to create snow in Neom and we can do that for three months of the year.”

In summer, when the Gulf gets really hot, locals would be able to cool down in Trojena, where the average temperature is significantly cooler than in other Saudi cities and there’s no humidity.

“The concept behind the Ski Village is to take what you’d see in a classic mountain village and put it all in one building,” Williams says.

That includes restaurants and even a luxury wellness spa for those who need a break from the piste.

According to Williams, the ski resort is going to include several hotels that will immediately be able to host visitors when the centre finally opens in late 2026 or early 2027.

Covering an area of nearly 60 square kilometres, Trojena is set to become the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) only outdoor year-round destination with high-mountain-quality dry air, according to Communications and Marketing Director at Trojena, Clark Williams.

“Trojena plans to be the pinnacle of human ingenuity in design as well as architectural and engineering innovation,” he added.

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