Andaman beaches to get around 150 shacks to become more livelier

Andaman beaches to get around 150 shacks to become more livelier

Nightlife at the beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands will be more exciting now. Local authorities will grant permission to over 150 shacks to open at popular beaches in the union territory. 

Recent developments indicate a vibrant transformation awaiting the beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, as plans are in motion to introduce over 150 beach shacks on selected shores. This initiative is rooted in feedback from tourists, who expressed a desire for more lively evenings by the picturesque island beaches.

Currently, nighttime access to most beaches on the islands is restricted, but this is set to change. The Tourism Department Director, Jatinder Sohal, disclosed that permits are in the pipeline for 20 beach shacks on Havelock Island and 40 on Neil Island. Havelock Island will see the establishment of 10 beach shacks in Kalapathar, 15 in Elephanta, and five in Sitapur. Meanwhile, Neil Island will feature 20 shacks each on Laxmanpur and Bharatpur beaches.

Additional permits will allow for 10 beach shacks each at Corbyn’s Cove and Badabalu in Port Blair, with 15 shacks planned for Raman Bagaicha, 10 for Cutbert Bay, and 15 for Baludera.

This development comes as a response to unauthorized vendors and temporary structures that have sprouted haphazardly along popular beaches, detracting from their beauty and atmosphere and causing disturbances to visitors. Environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural ecosystems are also concerns. Nevertheless, this initiative is expected to generate revenue and provide employment opportunities for local residents.

The beach shacks will be constructed using locally sourced and natural materials such as wood, bamboo, thatch, and palm fronds. Their rustic appearance will blend harmoniously with the surroundings, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the beaches. Sohal emphasized that such shacks are integral to coastal experiences worldwide.

To ensure compliance and quality, permits will be granted following inspections by officials from the Tourism Department and District Level Committees of the Andaman Nicobar Coastal Zone Management Authority (ANCZMA). Furthermore, it is noted that permits will be revoked if any shack is found engaging in discriminatory practices based on nationality, gender, caste, religion, or race.

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