Apply Easily For Saudi E-visa Online If You Have These Passport Stamps

Apply Easily For Saudi E-visa Online If You Have These Passport Stamps

Saudi Arabia is now allowing Indian passport holders with a UK, US or Schengen visa used once to apply for an e-visa online.

In a recent update, Saudi Arabia has introduced an online e-visa application process for Indian passport holders who possess US, UK, and Schengen visas that have been utilized at least once. Alhasan Aldabbagh, the President of the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), recently shared this information.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia is making it easier for numerous visitors to explore the country through initiatives such as the 96-hour stopover visa and the establishment of 9 VFS Tasheel Visa offices in India. These offices will offer secure administrative services to assist potential travelers in their journey to experience Saudi Arabia.

The President of STA emphasized that India is one of the rapidly growing markets for Saudi Arabia. Records indicate that approximately one million Indians visit the country annually. The objective is to attract over ten million Indian visitors by 2030, spanning various categories such as culture, leisure, heritage, and adventure experiences.

Recent reports indicate that due to a rising interest in visiting Umrah, Saudi Arabia aims to attract more than a million visitors from India by 2025. The country is also working to transform its image from solely a pilgrimage destination to a tourist hotspot.

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Aldabbagh highlighted that India is one of Saudi Arabia’s most rapidly expanding markets, with Indians demonstrating the highest spending among all source markets worldwide. The majority of spending originates from visits to friends and family, followed by business trips, and journeys for Hajj and Umrah.

In the year 2023, Saudi Arabia aspires to double the number of visitors, with a long-term goal of attracting more than 12 million Indian visitors by 2030. This includes visitors seeking leisure, cultural and heritage experiences, as well as adventure activities.

As part of their efforts to attract Indian visitors, Saudi Arabia has launched seasonal campaigns in collaboration with the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL), offering tailored promotional packages to showcase the country as a premier leisure destination for Indian travelers. Additionally, plans are underway to launch a Diwali campaign, further demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s commitment to forging connections with Indian travelers.

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