Biggest Ever Hunt For Loch Ness Monster Set To Launch

Biggest Ever Hunt For Loch Ness Monster Set To Launch

It’s a known fact that tourists have been flocking Loch Ness in Scotland for years, to catch a glimpse of the much-rumoured and much-hyped Loch Ness Monster. The monster is believed to be the large marine creature that lives in the water. Till date, there has been no records of anyone to have ever seen it.

Yes, a massive search has been planned in effort of locating the legendary creature. The hunt has been organised by the Loch Ness Centre in the village of Drumnadrochit in the Scottish Highlands, along with a research team called Loch Ness Exploration, along with curious volunteers who have been invited to join the search.
This means the biggest search, since the early 1970s, for the Loch Ness Monster has now been launched and will be held later this month. For this, drones fitted with infrared cameras will be flown over the loch, along with a hydrophone that will be used to detect unusual underwater sounds.

Elaborating more on this, organisers added that volunteers would also look out for possible signs of a creature from safe vantage points on land. The search will be carried out on August 26 and 27.

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Paul Nixon, General Manager of the Loch Ness Centre, informed that they have reopened the Loch Ness Centre at the beginning of summer, and they have been flooded with inquiries from people who really wanted to reignite this search since then. Paul further added that they have been reached out by the Loch Ness Exploration who want to partner with them, and that they are now committed in continuing this research to try and unveil what mystery lies underneath the water of the famous loch.

The Loch Ness Centre added that this will be the largest search for Nessie since the 1970s, when the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau studied the Loch in 1972.

If reports are to go by, the 1972 search actually focused just on a surface watch, whereas now volunteers are being called to get as many eyes on the water as possible. Nixon further added that they will be using smartphones this time to capture far more detail than ever before, along with the usage of thermal imagery and hydrophone studies. So, with the new wave of technology this time, it’s expected that they will get a closure on this rumoured marine creature.

As per Nixon, in 1987, a fleet of boats were also sent up and down the Loch to scan for odd shapes in the water below, as part of a survey called Operation Deep Scan.

Now, the search will be revived to locate Nessie and learn more about the monster.

If records are to go by, Nessie sightings date back 1,500 years, although no credible evidence of the animal actually exists. Further in 1934, a famous photo surfaced that appeared to show a dinosaur-like creature in the water, which suggested that Nessie was likely the solitary survivor of the long extinct plesiosaurs, which were believed to have died off 65 million years ago.

Nixon also added, “I’m very curious to see what we might, or might not, find.”

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