France Lays Out Strategy To Combat Overtourism

France Lays Out Strategy To Combat Overtourism

France, renowned as one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations, is poised to undergo a significant transformation. In light of mounting concerns over overtourism, the well-being of local residents, and the overall visitor experience, the country has announced a comprehensive strategy to curtail the influx of tourists.

This shift is a direct response to the challenges posed by overtourism. Since the pandemic, France has witnessed a surge in this phenomenon, with tourist sites becoming overwhelmed by visitors who contribute little to the local economy. Consequently, communities are grappling with insufficient resources to sustain themselves.

While the specific measures to combat overtourism have yet to be disclosed, France has initiated the establishment of a dedicated task force responsible for monitoring the country’s tourism industry. This group will identify high-risk sites and devise appropriate interventions. Surprisingly, the country intends to enlist the assistance of travel influencers, typically known for promoting travel, to raise awareness about the negative impacts of overtourism.

Certain popular destinations in France have already taken proactive steps to reduce visitor numbers. For instance, Marseille’s Calanques National Park implemented a reservation system that limits daily access to its renowned Sugiton coves to a mere 400 visitors. Originally introduced during the pandemic, these visitor restrictions will remain in effect for a minimum of five years.

Similarly, the island of Brehat in Brittany has instituted a daily cap of 4,700 visitors. Rather than aiming to diminish overall visitor numbers, these attractions seek to distribute them more evenly throughout the year.

And France certainly isn’t on its own in combatting overtourism. All over the world, from Amsterdam and Florence to Bali, there are destinations that want tourists to stay away.

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