Indonesia To Launch Golden Visa

Indonesia To Launch Golden Visa

Fulfil your Bali dreams with the soon-to-be-launched Golden Visa

Indonesia is currently working towards making Golden Visa available for tourists by the end of this year. Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, the number of Indian travellers travelling to Indonesia is increasing steadily.

What is Indonesia’s Golden Visa?

As per the reports, under the Indonesian Golden Visa policy, there will be visa waiver for foreign enterprises or foreigners who will make a significant investment in the country by means of business or tourism.

The Golden Visa policy will come with validity for five and ten years. There are several plus points to this type of visa, one of which is expedited and more streamlined procedures. The Golden Visa will also allow a long-term visitor to own property in Indonesia. Also, there are talks about introducing a fast-track citizenship application process for those who have the Golden Visa.

As of now, there have been no reports on the cost of the Golden Visa. With this visa policy, Indonesia has joined the bandwagon of several countries that are offering long-term visas for people who can invest a certain amount of money into the country. This list includes countries like Mexico, Greece, Canada, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and many more.

Bali has become one of the easiest go-to destinations for most Indians. With places that are picture-perfect, temples that showcase cultures similar to ours, quirky places that are fantastic conversation starters, and food experiences that are not forgotten easily, it is easy to fall in love with Indonesia.

The tribe of adventure travellers is also growing, and with volcanoes like Mount Bromo, Mount Batur and Mount Merapi among many others, there is no dearth of tales of adventure one can tell here. These experiences are some of the most popular and loved in India. Speaking of adventure, one can’t avoid meeting (from afar) the most feared Komodo dragons. A visit to the Komodo National Park will let you do just that.

The Golden Visa also means longer stays in the country. For those who are fascinated by the country, and would love to explore the culture, places and natural beauty more, the long-term visa sounds like a great idea.

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