Italy is opening its borders to visitors on June 3

Gelato, Italy

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We’re officially a step closer to proper Neapolitan pizzas and scoops of real gelato

Trips to Tuscany and sun-soaked holidays on Italian islands might be back on the agenda this summer.

Despite being one of the hardest-hit countries in the recent world crisis, Italy has officially set a date for the country to reopen. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced this weekend that travel to and from Italy – and between the country’s regions, something which has previously been restricted – will be allowed from June 3. Travellers from EU countries (likely to include the UK) and the Schengen travel area will be able to enter Italy without undergoing a 14-day quarantine. In the meantime, other restrictions are easing in the country, which has been in strict lockdown since early March. Shops, restaurants and places of worship have started reopening  from May 18

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For the latest information on traveling during the coronavirus outbreak, visit the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

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