Coca-Cola Launches Immunity Boosting Minute Maid Nutriforce and Vita Punch

minute maid nutriforce

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Reiterating its commitment as a ‘Total beverage company with strong local roots’, Coca-Cola India continues to invest in the essence of India by advancing beverage localisation, celebrating farmers and catering to the evolving needs of the Indian consumers. The company under its master brand Minute Maid, has introduced two new products delivering some of the daily essential nutrition requirements, made with fruits grown by Indian farmers.

Minute Maid Nutriforce and Minute Maid Vita Punch offer much needed benefits of, mental agility and immunity, demonstrating commitment to expand the company’s portfolio of delightful nutrition for everyday occasions.

Vita Punch is a range of delicious fruit cocktails crafted from Indian fruit recipes that provide 100 per cent of ones’ daily requirement of Vitamin C to support immunity. This also marks the company’s entry into the nascent category of immunity-boosting beverages.

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Coca Cola

Nutriforce is designed especially for Indian mothers, who seek nutritious choices for their growing children. It blends the great taste of Kashmiri apple juice with Iron, Zinc and other essential vitamins that support cognition and mental acuity and help children learn faster, which is an important need in these times.

Expansion of the brand with introduction of the new beverages also underlines the company’s focus on the ‘Fruit Circular Economy’ initiative, enabling farmers to increase their yield by sourcing fruits to launch fruit-based beverages.

The company has committed an investment of $1.7 billion towards aiding the Indian agri-ecosystem till 2023.

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