New York City Restaurants Resume Indoor Dining

NYC Restaurant

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced that the state will allow indoor dining to resume in New York City, six months after it was banned to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

From 30 September, restaurants reopened but with restricted 25 per cent capacity, and temperature checks at the door. Some other regulations to be adheres to are as follows:

1. Each party of diners will be required to provide contact details for tracing purposes.
2. There will be no service after midnight, no bar service, and masks must be worn when seated. Tables will remain six feet apart.
3. The City of New York will provide a team of 400 enforcement personnel to work with the State Police Task Force to ensure compliance. Restaurants must publicly post their 25 percent indoor dining capacity and the phone number and text number to report violations. If there is a spike in new cases of coronavirus, the city and state will pause the easing of restrictions.

Should there be no increase in infections, guidelines will be reassessed and capacity could be increased to 50 per cent. A benchmark date of 1 November has also been set.
Outdoor dining has been allowed in the five boroughs for much of the summer with many restaurants having built large covered spaces in which to serve diners on what were once parking spots.

“The return of indoor dining is a major step forward in New York’s recovery and a critical moment for a restaurant industry that has been struggling for months in the face of a pandemic that devastated it. But it remains to be seen if limited indoor dining will be enough to help keep struggling restaurants afloat.” – The New York Times

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