News at 9: Vincent Van Gogh to debut in India, Century old tunnel under Niagara Falls opens for public and more

News at 9: Vincent Van Gogh to debut in India, Century old tunnel under Niagara Falls opens for public and more

Photo: Van Gogh 360°

A massive, immersive exhibition celebrating artist Vincent Van Gogh set to debut in India in early 2023, Century old tunnel under Niagara Falls opens for public and more in top stories of the day.

An immersive Van Gogh experience set to debut in India in early 2023

Imagine immersing yourself into Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night artwork. The swirls of ink blue and white drawing lines across your body. Or, hues of yellow from Sunflowers lighting up your being. For the first time in India, the Dutch painter’s iconic works will come to life in a 360-degree immersive art exhibition. In early 2023, Van Gogh 360° India will fuse the best of art and technology at a Mumbai venue, where stunning floor-to-ceiling projections will animate the master painter’s oeuvre. The exhibition has previously toured the world, including New York, London, Tokyo and Toronto.

Registrations have just opened for ticket sales for Van Gogh 360° that will open in Mumbai in January 2023. Details on dates, venue and tickets are still to be announced; watch this space for more details, and register for tickets here.

Century old tunnel under Niagara Falls opens for public

Niagara Falls surely makes for a popular tourist destination, and tourists from across the world visit the place to take in breathtaking views. From regular tourists to international celebrities, Niagara Falls has found its cheerleader in all travellers.

Now, in a surprise turn, a tunnel that was constructed more than 100 years ago is now open to the public. The tunnel will allow visitors to enjoy a different and unique view of the grounds and also learn about the fascinating history of a power station, which initially stood underneath the region. Reportedly, a 2198 ft tunnel was built more than a century ago on the Canadian side that has now been opened to reveal the awesome scale of the engineering marvels.

Soon, experience tribal tourism in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Uttar Pradesh, in an effort to boost eco tourism in the state, is going to introduce tribal tourism in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. The tiger reserve comprises Dudhwa National Park, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuaries, and this new initiative will take place near Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, in Bardiya village.

Bardiya village is home to the Tharu tribe, one of the five tribes that are there in Uttar Pradesh. The people from this tribe live inside the tiger reserve and their village has been selected for the aforementioned tribal tourism. Through this initiative, visitors can learn so much about the life and culture of the Tharus. Also, the Tharu people will engage in ecotourism and will be able to put out their indigenous art and handicrafts to a wider audience.

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